I’m a property surveyor out here in TX. I spend half my time in the office and the other half in the field. When im inside this product works all day. When im outside the wind and heat will really do a number on my hair. So i keep a bottle in my glove box to reapply. No other product is so convenient. My coworkers don’t know how I keep my hair so fresh after hours in the field!

Jose H.

I believe I will never go back to any other brand than Baumann Brothers. I loved their stuff. Each hair product is fantastic, and they don’t give that nasty feeling that’s left behind by  gel or clay. Also, I don’t have to worry about how long it stays in, as it is healthy for hair and scalp.

Jones Daniel

The product and services are all top-class, the prices are great for the quality! The hair product smells excellent and clean, not so overwhelming. It was as perfect as described in the about section. Personally, I became a fan from the first use. It lasted for six hours.

James Tucker

It’s one hell of a product, the lotion left my hair feeling soft and not like other products which makes them crunchy and my hair at the end of the day looked the same as it did in the morning when I left the house. The results are astonishing as it helped me achieve my desired style and texture.

James Tucker