Baumann Brothers

Our story starts back in 2010 as I was graduating SOI (School of Infantry) at Camp Pendleton. The weekend before graduation we were given 48hr of libo. Of course after living out of a wall locker for so long I had no products to spruce up and look sharp with for my time off. That’s when my buddy, Sanchez, says, “use this” and throws a bottle of lotion at me. “It holds, adds volume and smells great!” “No way,” I thought. It will probably fall apart in an hour; but no, when it dries it holds. I told my brother about it and he gave me the same puzzled look. “Just try it,” I tell him, he does and we both have been using lotion in our hair ever since. Testing different products, figuring out what works best and telling everyone who asks about what we use. They all give us the same puzzled look. After explaining it to them they usually agree, “Yea, makes sense”. Now, we have designed our own hair lotion formulated for health, hold and style. It’s no longer just a lotion. We have created Hair Lotion for Men!+


The Brothers, themselves are passionate, sophisticated, and fun-loving people who, rather than waiting for someone else to come up with a satisfying product, stepped up and kicked off more than just a company that sells products. They are here to create a landmark in the men’s grooming industry with their world-class services; the Brothers are on a mission to guide men to be the individual they want to be. They are dedicated to the company they’ve built, the customers they are serving, and the community they are uniting.

With their solid line of products and services, Baumann Brothers are on the journey to be the leading men’s salon brand whom you can trust. On whom every man can count on for the latest and best in hair, shave, and styling. The Bauman Brother’s Company is and always will be serving in the best interests of men’s care and grooming to enhance their style, fashion and most importantly, their confidence!

Our Staff