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Best styling lotion for fine hair

Lombard Hair lotion is one of the best styling creams for natural hair for men that gives you your desired hairstyle all day long, from your 9 am meetings to happy hour after work. It gives you a light to medium hold without any flakes or cracks. It’s packed with natural ingredients that are nourishing and healthy, not only for your hair and scalp but for your skin too.

Styling creams for natural hair

Be it the best hair setting cream or the best styling lotion for curly hair, our products are formulated with avocado oils, vitamins B and E, and camellia seed oil. Vitamin B and E softens and repairs damaged hair and camellia seed oil. It’s a no-stick, no mess and no washroom sink needed product. Work the lotion through your hair and rub the excess back into your hands.


Received on time, the product itself is incredible, works well, and it keeps its hold long! The amount of lotion you get is quite surprising for its price if you shop around. I’ve seen other products as much as 50 bucks.

Matthew Berry

The consistency of the lotion is great, a little amount goes a long way, and it finishes the look with an impressive matte finish. I love it! I have sensitive skin, but it doesn’t cause rash or breakouts when the remaining lotion is applied on the hands

Arthur Cooke

Someone like me, who has long hair, will understand that styling them and keeping them healthy are two big things, but this Lombard hair lotion is the best I’ve ever used. It smells lovely and lasts long. My hair is softer than ever before. Keep up the good work, bros!

Hugh Marks